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Vila Iris
Vila Iris
Vila Iris
In the wonderful atmosphere of the middle part of the Adriatic coast, where nature has painted one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean, the city of ©ibenik has been placed and formed a mansion with apartments called Villa Iris.

In the very center of the tourist-hotel complex called "Solaris", in the motor camp, beside a little port, a range of villas with apartments is placed, among which you can find Villa Iris. In Villa Iris there are three modernly equipped suites and all guests have the use of yacht marina at their disposal. Boats with a draught of up to 2 metres can enter the marina.

The tourist complex "Solaris" has around 40 different sport and recreational programs: a four-lane automatic bowling alley, outdoor and indoor pools, a gym, a shooting range, bowling courts, 12 tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, five-a-side football, team handball, 3 minigolf courses, trim track, canoes and all beach attractions.
What's more, guests are offered a rich cultural and entertaining night life on the terraces, in the night club, cocktail lounges and cafes.

Apartments are situated on the arranged peninsula within a well-indented, but also protected maritime zone, 6 km from ©ibenik and 20 km from the National Park Krka.

In Villa Iris there are four apartments furnished with top up-to-date equipment.

The apartments are away:
from the sea - 10 m
from the stony beach - 10 m
from the sandy beach - 10 m
from the store - 50 m
from the tennis courts - 100 m
All the apartments have a secure parking area.

Have a pleasant stay throughout the year in Villa Iris apartments.      

Vila Iris Vila Iris Vila Iris